The MSc degree in Marine Ecology corresponds to a total of 120 ECTS to be completed in 2 academic years.

In the first year (60 ECTS), all students must attend five core courses of 6 ECTS and a group of optional courses, in a total of 24 ECTS. It is also mandatory to attend the coursesResearch and Experimental Design in Marine Ecology and Seminars in Marine Ecology, each with 3 ECTS. In the first semester all courses are held weekly throughout the scheduled teaching period. In the second, they are taught in sequential modules (3 and 1.5 weeks, for a workload of 6 ECTS, respectively), except for the mandatory courses. This modular organization allows students to dedicate themselves exclusively and intensively to each subject during the 2nd semester, in addition to a continuous theoretical and practical training, hosting laboratory and fieldwork, that ensure hands-on and field practical activities.

During the second year of the course, students may choose to undertake a Dissertation or and Internship Report (57 ECTS), both supervised (supervision or co-supervision). In the first modality, the work can be done inside or outside ULisboa, while if the student chooses the Internship Report, the work will always be done in an external institution, under co-supervision. In the first semester it is also mandatory to attend the course of Project in Marine Ecology (3 ECTS), which aims to accompany the preparation of the individual work of Dissertation or Internship Report to be developed by the students. At the end of this second academic year, students submit their Dissertation or Internship Report, whose defense and approval, in a public session, leads to the award of the degree.