2023/2024 Academic year

First year

1st semester

Nuclear courses

Marine Global Changes (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Rui Rosa; Catarina Frazão Santos

Marine Governance and Conservation (6 ECTS)
      Lecturer: Maria Adelaide Ferreira

Ocean Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Development (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Isabel Domingos, Alexandra Marçal Correia

Optional  (12 ECTS)
Recommended options:

Marine Primary Production (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Vanda Brotas, Ana Brito

Marine Aquaculture Techniques (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Tiago Repolho, Rui Rosa, José Ricardo Paula

Ecological Modeling (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Tiago Marques, Ana Sofia Reboleira, Susana França

2nd semester

Nuclear courses (12 ECTS)

Marine Biodiversity (6 ECTS)
       Lecturer: José Paula

Ecological Quality and Environmental Assessment (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Isabel Domingos, José Lino Costa

Mandatory courses (6 ECTS)

Research and Experimental Design in Marine Ecology (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Susana França

Seminars in Marine Ecology (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer:  José Lino Costa

Optional  (12 ECTS)
Recommended options:

Fish Ecology (6 ECTS)
       Lecturers: Isabel Domingos, José Lino Costa

Marine Protected Areas (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Susanne Tanner

Coastal Ecology   (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Vanessa Fonseca

Blue Economy and Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Maria Adelaide Ferreira

Biomimicry and Blue Biotechnology   (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Romana Santos


Second year

Project in Marine Ecology  (3 ECTS)
       Lecturer: Isabel Domingos

Dissertation (57 ECTS)