The Marine Ecology MSc program aims to prepare highly skilled technicians who can contribute to ocean research, consultancy, management, and governance. With the country holding 4% of the Atlantic Ocean and 50% of EU marine waters, the course covers vital areas such as the structure and functioning of coastal and marine ecosystems, their management and governance, and corresponding research methodologies. It also explores the role of marine ecosystems in a circular economy.

The course is open to candidates from diverse backgrounds, promoting a cross-disciplinary approach and teamwork to develop transversal and integrative competences essential for addressing current and future challenges related to sustainable ocean use and environmental quality.

Graduates of the Marine Ecology MSc program will have specialized academic profiles, qualifying them for scientific careers or top positions in public or private institutions. They can also pursue self-employment opportunities.

Overall, the Marine Ecology MSc program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle complex challenges and make a positive impact on ocean management and governance.


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